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Would you believe me if i told you to never believe?

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A Day in the Life.mp3 a free download of JWD doing a Beatles cover originally released with this album.


a compilation produced by jesus wore dickies

Limited amount. (CDs)

$10 each


... Save77, the singer, took up residence in this dilapidated sans any ‘normal’ human amenities. With no shower, a covertly hacked telephone service, and lacking even windows to the outside, here Save77 secretly lived and crafted the stories and lyrics for this EP.

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Within the lyrics of this album are codes that reveal clues to the location of buried treasure in Terminal Island. Break the codes, look at your map, and find what’s hidden. Don’t think about 77!

Terminal Island Map

Follow a man into a confessional and hear his sins narrate a dark tale of his twisted vision of religion, love and loss. With menacing music and eerie vocals to match, travel through this wretched and sinister journey to become a true believer of Jesus Wore Dickies!

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Remixes, beats & rhymes, space & time.. T.R.K. is a journey through the numbers & colors of an alter JWD. Dating back to as early as 1997, this collection of conceptual tracks was produced by various members of JWD and compiled to please your conscience & soul.

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RINGTONE FOR SALE: If you have an iPhone, search “Reggae Darco” by Jesus Wore Dickies.

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